Permit To Carry Class

Chris Marquette


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Winona Permit to Carry Class. The class will be held at the Winona Sportsmen's Club. 

You can register and/or ask questions at Precision Plus Firearms Website or site chat window.

This class is Multi-State Class. With the MN permit you may carry in 27 states. And with a FL Non-Resident 34. Total cost is $80.00 with no additional fees. Register at Precision Plus Firearms  or call 507-533-5774

If you do not have a gun we can provide you with one for free.

What will you receive from this class?
*5 Years of Support (Email or Phone Support Anytime)
*When you take my class you leave with many handouts with important information, including maps of the states that honor a MN Permit To Carry, MN Self-Defense Laws, Use of Force.
*Free Concealed Carry Magazine
*What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law Booklet
*Casual and Upbeat Class
*FL Non-Resident Application Packet
*An Instructor with a #1 goal of making sure you are comfortable and confident in carrying a firearm for self-protection
*Satisfaction Guaranteed
*Access to "After Class Support" Page with videos and additional information to share with your family. 



Fred Petersen

Hours: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Cost: $100.00

Completion of this course fulfills the training requirements for a Minnesota Permit to Carry a Handgun, which is valid in twenty three states. It also fulfills the training requirements for Wisconsin, Iowa and Florida Permits. A Florida Permit is honored in 33 States. This is a basic course for men or women with little or no experience with firearms. It includes handgun actions and function, legal aspects, practical application of laws, basics of marksmanship, and a live fire exercise on the range. Handguns are 

available for those who do not yet own one. Instructor is a retired officer, police firearms instructor and Master Class shooting competitor.

The Winona Sportsmen's Club kitchen is open every Saturday, so if your class is on Saturday you will have access to great food.  Snacks will be available Sat and Sunday but  some students may wish to pack a lunch on Sundays as the kitchen is not open. For class dates and further details contact Fred Petersen at (507) 689-2657.